Inspired clothing

All The Above Clothing is dedicated to creating high-quality, stylishly inspired clothing that fosters self expression. We believe that fashion is one of the truest outlets for expressing oneself, and we aim to deliver fashion with a deeper meaning.

Monthly Feature

Every month All The Above Clothing features one inspirational quote which is then turned into two-three new designs that abstractly and cryptically represent the featured quote.  Those who are on “The List” are the first to know about the next designs and have first opportunity to buy.  What’s more, they get 20% off!

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Concept Competition

Every month ATA holds a competition on Facebook where we ask our fans to submit inspirational quotes with a specific theme in mind: be it New Beginnings, Song Lyrics, or any other avenue where inspiration happens.  After narrowing it down to three finalists we let our fans vote on the winner.  Whoever wins will receive a $100 gift card, and we will turn his/her inspirational quote into a month’s worth of designs.  Follow us on Facebook for this month’s theme and a chance to win.

ATA Gives

All The Above Clothing is driven to support non-profits through fashionable, artistic and premium apparel. Our heart is to support charitable efforts by providing an additional platform and revenue stream to build awareness and capacity for worthy causes. We support non-profits through the ATA Gives 10% and ATA Gives 100% programs.

For more information, please complete the form at our ATA Gives Registration Page

Is ATA a non-profit organization?

No. All The Above Clothing is a for-profit company, with giving as one of our core values. With every item sold, ATA donates a minimum of 10% of the profits to charities around the world. For our ATA Gives line, All The Above contributes 100% of the profits to the featured organization/cause.

Do your tees really have meaning behind them?

Yes. Our ATA Inspired line takes some form of inspiration and builds an abstract, concept-based design.Each product in our ATA Gives line takes inspiration directly from the charity it supports. The inspiration of each design is printed on the product tag and on the inside of the shirt so the customer can remember the meaning behind the design.

Is ATA a religious clothing line?

No. Our artists have developed concepts based on inspiration from personal experience, motivational quotes, song lyrics, storybook themes, and religious text. ATA recognizes that individuals draw inspiration from many different sources. As a company, we do not intend to be associated with any specific school of thought, political stance, or individual religion.